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   FGT/design is a full service graphic and web design company. The owner and designer, Tim Moeslein, has been an entreprenuer most of his adult life. Customer service has always been a staple in his business operations. Every client is treated as if they are the his only client.

   Tim has been involved with computers and web design almost since the inception of public use of the Internet - back when BBS (bulletin board services) were all the rage and a 14.4 kbps modem was smoking fast!

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   The internet has become the new advertising medium for business. Look in any magazine, newspaper even billboards and you will find a website or email in tow to learn more or make contact. Once the telephone book was the primary source for finding a business. Not any more! A business with a web site will increase their exposure to their target audience. We all know that the more customers you can bring in your store the more money you will make. Modern technology has literally put the Internet in the palm of our hands through our cell phones. You want to know where the nearest conveninece store is or a local mechaninc? Simple. Look it up on the Internet - while sitting in your car (please don't do it while driving).

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   So why should you use FGT/design?   

Contact Tim @ FGT/design :||: 443-918-5552 :||: for a FREE consultation of your web site needs. And of course, you can email Tim :||: fotoguy@fotoguytim.com :||: